Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydrodrive® cylinders are made of cold-drawn, hardened aluminium. The thick-walled cylinder is made of a special raw material with even higher tensile strength than traditional bronze and therefore tolerates high working pressure. As the pump house, also all the cylinders and parts are anodized and are resistant to salt corrosion.

MC75W202 mmYesNo68 cc.
MC90W210 mmYesNo71 cc.
MC115W210 mmYesNo71 cc.
MC175W208 mmYesNo86 cc.
MC175 WTS208 mmYesNo86 cc.
MC255 WTS206 mmYesNo125 cc.
MC400 WTS208 mmYesNo208 cc.
MC350W206 mmYesNo146 cc.
MC50150 mmNoYes83 cc.
MC70202 mmNoYes112 cc.
MC75W225 mmNoYes114 cc.
MC1000225 mmNoYes160 cc.