About us


Techno Italia is the manufacturer of hydraulic steering systems branded Hydrodrive®. Our range has outboard applications up to 400Hp and Inboard/Stern-Drive applications for boats up to 16 m (52′). We have also hydraulic steering systems for racing boats, sailboats and catamarans. We do also manufacture hydraulic stick steering systems and we can manufacture special steering systems upon client requirement.

Good things come in threes. And we are motivated by our THREES philosophy which makes Hydrodrive Hydraulic Steering Systems different from other competitors.


T as technology

Hydrodrive HSS are manufactured using technology from the aviation industry. The pump house comes from a single aluminium block, hardened and hot-pressed. The 10 mm thickness and the special material prevent leakage or oil film/fog formation even under extremely high working pressure. The three ball bearings in the pump ensure outstanding precision and exceptionally smooth, consistent functioning. Each pump house is anodized and due to the surface treatment is resistant to the highly corrosive effects of the sea.

The cylinders are also made of cold-drawn, hardened aluminium. The thick-walled cylinder is made of a special raw material with even higher tensile strength than the traditional bronze and therefore tolerates high working pressure. As the pump house, also all the cylinders and parts are anodized and are resistant to salt corrosion.


H as history

The Gobbo family has more than 50 years of experience in hydraulic systems. Specializing in the manufacturing of hydraulic systems for the aircraft industry, the company in the past has supplied players such as Fiat-Avio, Agusta and Rolls Royce. That sense of purpose and mission has been always part of the Gobbo family’s culture. The years of compassionate work are now the heritage for future challenges: we look for new opportunities in technology while retaining the key traditional elements.

R as reliability

There is no reliability without quality, and quality is our benchmark. I like to emphasize we are so sure about our quality, and we are so confident with it that we give 3 years of warranty. Our data show the percentage of our Hydrodrive HSS replaced within the first 3 years is less than 0.1% and within the first 5 years is less than 0.3%. The durability average of our system is more than 8 years without maintenance

EE as environmentally engineered

Techno Italia has a simple but clear purpose: to make sustainable products, generating the gratitude of the other. All the Hydrodrive HSS are designed to have less impact on the environment. Have you ever wondered how many litres of oil is used to fill any hydraulic steering system? And how many times do they have to be refilled during their lifetime? The figure will shock you. Can you imagine what it would be like if we all could give the best of ourselves? We are convinced that if we can imagine it, then it can be done! For this Hydrodrive HSS is the only steering system that after the first filling doesn’t require any refill for the entire life. Considering our average durability, we give concrete help to our planet. We think this should be the best long-term way for the business to grow.

S as simplicity

Simplicity is our mantra. The more simple and easy a product is and more efficient will be. All the steering kits come all in one: pump house, cylinder, oil, hose set by made on twin hydraulic high-pressure tube, already with fittings. You don’t have to do anything else than just install the pump and the cylinder, fix the hose set and fill the system; all systems are with fast-fit connection and are compatible with the main applications on market. Saving time in installing means saving money, and we like to make the end user’s life as easy as possible. Hydrodrive HSS stands for high-level quality, and we are proud to produce one of the up-to-date hydraulic steering systems.