Complete Stern-Drive System for boats up to 12 m (40ft) with Anti-Feedback Valve Automatic Pilot Connection Port.
This system can be fitted with or without the original engine servo steering.

• 1x Extension rod 320 mm (12,6”), 1x Extension rod 400 mm (13,7”)
• TL2-30 MRA Hydraulic Pump: 28 cc./rev, Max 80 bar, with fittings installed, Lock-Valve, 4 Turns
• MC70 Hydraulic Cylinder: 112 cc. vol, Max 80 bar, with fittings installed, Stroke 202 mm
• High-pressure twin hose set with fittings: 5/16 twin, B.P 480 bar, with fittings installed, Twin 6+6 m (20ft)
• Hydraulic Oil: 2 L E-HVLP 46
• Output Force: 387 kgf. (853 lbf)
• Torque: 78 kgm. (564 lbf-ft)
• Max Speed: 55 kt
• Stainless-Steel fixing system
• One side hose fittings

Removable cup to replace the shaft seals without opening the pump.
The pump made from full block hardened aluminium.
Cylinder made from cold drawn, hardened aluminium.
Anodized and painted pump house, manufactured by precision CNC.
Universal fittings – Hydrodrive Systems can be used on every type of engine.
Easy installation process.



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