Hydrodrive MF175WTS Outboard Hydraulic Steering System kit up to 175 Hp with slider cylinder.

Compact horns mount for engines up to 175 Hp. The hydraulic pump comes with an Anti-Feedback valve and Automatic Pilot connection port. The Hydraulic Cylinder has a new mounting system with a two-position engine plate so you can find the best position for the engine bracket.

• Hydraulic pump: TL1-16 MRA, 16 cc pump., 5,4 turns
• Hydraulic cylinder: MC175WTS, 86 cc volume, stroke 208 mm
• 6+6 m (20′) high-pressure twin hose set with fittings, 2×1 L hydraulic oil (E-HVLP 46) (temp.+60°/-30°.)
• Output force: 290 kgf. (640 lbf)
• Torque:60 Kgm (434 lbf-ft)
• Max speed: 55 kt
• Turns: 5,4

The pump is made of hardened, hot pressed aluminium,
Anodized and painted pump house, manufactured by precision CNC
Cylinder made from cold drawn, hardened anodized and painted aluminium
Universal fittings – Hydrodrive systems can be used on every type of outboard engine.
Easy installation process


 1080 inc. Vat