New Outboard model up to 80 HP with Anti Feedback Valve!

You Asked, We Delivered! MF75W MRA Outboard System for smaller engines till 80 HP with Anti-Feedback valve and Automatic Pilot connection port. From now on, it’s not only the privilege of the big ones.

Why would you need a Hydraulic System with Anti-Feedback Valve?

The anti-feedback steering system allows you to ride the boat straight even when the steering wheel is not being held. In the vernacular, “brake steering” allows, for example, fishermen to “troll” comfortably without the steering wheel tilting and the course disappearing. Enjoy the comfort of boating and get the most out of your boat.

Kit contains:

  • TL1-16 MRA Hydraulic pump
  • MC75W Hydraulic cylinder
  • 4,5 m (15′) high-pressure twin hose set
  • 1 L Hydraulic oil

MF75W Hydrodrive Outboard system