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,,PR article from Hungarian Sailing Association”

New era of easy steering Motorboats of the Hungarian Sailing Association are equipped with Techno Italia steering systems It is easy to write a PR-article driven by personal conviction. The Hungarian Sailing Association maintains a fleet with many small motorboats. I have a closer relationship with the boat called Sirály, which we take out on regattas to shoot photos and make videos. In the past years I had to be careful not to board the boat in a tight shirt to avoid tearing it on the back whilst steering. This short-bodied, naughty beast, with a 100-horsepower outboard wants to break out to the right, in spite of all the efforts of competent engine settings. Therefore it is a steady fight with the steering wheel to keep the proper direction. I had to use both hands even for minor turnings and had to pull left very hard to keep the boat straight. But since this spring these are all just nostalgic memories now.

Techno Italia Ltd became a sponsor of the Hungarian Sailing Association and the boats –including Sirály- are now equipped with hydraulic steering systems. On the Season opening I went out for the first time with a boat equipped with the hydraulic steering. I could clearly feel the difference: the steering became easier even when still having to hold the steering wheel to pull to the left. Techno Italia Techno Italia Ltd. is a Hungarian company, which was founded by Luigi Gobbo, an Italian specialist who lives near the lake Velencei. After twenty years of experience in the aircraft industry, he created his own hydraulic boat steering system.

Thanks to reliability and quality, and last but not least, thanks to the easy installation procedure, he has achieved considerable success in the nautical field.

High quality

Every part of the steering system is self-production with strict quality control. Not only the manual assembly, but the use of quality materials guarantee reliability and long service life.

The pump house is a hardened, hot-pressed aluminum base material, not die-cast aluminum or molded plastic. The thickness of 8mm and the special material from the aircraft industry prevent leakage or oil film/fog formation even under very high pressure. The 3 ball bearings in the pump ensure the outstanding precision and exceptionally smooth, consistent functioning. Each pump house is anodized and due to the surface treatment is resistant to the highly corrosive effects of sea.  All parts are manufactured with high-precision CNC machines and go through quality control after each phase of production to ensure the highest quality. The cylinders are also made of cold drawn, hardened aluminum (also used in the aircraft industry) with high-precision CNC machines. The thick walled cylinder is made of a special raw material with even higher tensile strength than the traditional bronze therefore tolerates high working pressure. All the cylinders and parts are anodized and due to surface treatment are resistant to the highly corrosive effects of sea. The hydraulic pipes are specially manufactured twin-tubes with high-pressure resistance, and are equipped with custom-made stainless steel and nickel-plated couplings.


The pump converts the movement of the steering wheel into pressure which gets through the hydraulic hoses to the cylinder that runs the engine. There are 2 pump types:  In addition to the standard model, the other type prevents backflow, so the steering does not ‘spin back’, and keeps the position where we have left it.

Warranty and easy installation

The company provides 3 years of warranty, and goods are delivered within 2-8 days from placing the order. The hydraulic steering system comes in a kit with instructions easy to install. Techno Italia steering systems are safe, easy and comfortable solutions for motorboats with 90, 115, 150 HP engines, rubber boats with steering, electric boats or upon individual requests for other boats with inboard or outboard engines. It is possible to order special kits also upon individual request. Techno Italia Ltd offers special deals for retailers and distributors.